Ludvik Herrera

Principal Designer

Principled practice designer and photographer who enjoys interdisciplinary collaboration and routinely innovates applying a design thinking methodology.

For over 20 years, design has been an integral part of Ludvik’s work. Whether it be illustration, layout, typography, or content, every element is considered very carefully to make sure the project’s intent and its experience are reached. Experience design starts at the first stage, from inspiration and it is carried through the very last stage to satisfaction. Ludvik has enjoyed working with and leading many designers, writers, videographers, photographers, editors, software developers, engineers, CEO’s, and a wide gamut of industry and education professionals. This spectrum has allowed him to understand many processes and apply design thinking with a human-centered methodology to create the solutions that are needed.

Ludvik has extensive experience in creative direction and being a creative catalyst, as well as, design strategic planning, brand design strategy, Information architecture, interactive, and experience design (UI/UX). In addition, Ludvik has an extensive background in print, motion graphics, new media, video, and web design. In the past decade, he has also developed strong command of data visualization (infographics). Ludvik's ample experience with software and hardware is not only at a user level, but he also professionally teaches Adobe Creative Suite (CC), Final Cut Studio,  XML, XHTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript and other applications.

Ludvik holds a BS in Mass Communication from Monterrey Institute of Technology, and a BS in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from Monterrey Institute of Technology.

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