Javier C. Berrios

Senior Technology Advisor

Leveraging modern technical capabilities, designed, engineered and delivered innovative products for highly sophisticated organizations within telecom, semiconductors, radio frequency identification and green energy. Responsible to initiate disciplined problem-solving methodologies, optimizing yield, throughput, quality, and productivity.  A vital contributing member of executive teams, applied strong business acumen and technical expertise to meet complex market and customer demands.

Javier is a focused leader who has demonstrated capabilities in designing, testing and producing products that push the boundaries of technology
;   attracting, inspiring and effectively managing world-class engineering talent
; and overseeing multi-site global technical product design centers
 that created functional products for internal and external customers
.  Javier has a demonstrated track record of  delivering reliability and innovation through cutting edge engineering practices
,   Ensuring regulatory compliance is met, recorded and reported, 
 fostering strong cross-functional relationships
, and engaging with key customers to gain insight into emerging technical needs.

Javier has experience in complete product lifecycle management; 
 identifying and integrating Best Practices
,  driving continuous process improvements
, managing complex portfolios of products
 and  adopting emerging technologies to accelerate growth and goal achievement

Javier holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, an MS in EE from Union College and a BS in EE from E.U.I.T.T. LaSalle Bonanova, Barcelona, Spain. Published in Lightwave and the Journal of Ultrasonic Imaging, and presented at two International IEEE conferences.

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