Daniel Aljadeff

Chief Technology Officer

Expert in all aspects of location systems: requirements analysis and system definition, load and performance analysis, system/unit design and development (incl. location algorithms and communication protocols), system integration and testing, system deployment and validation. 

In 1993, developed a vehicle RTLS using TDOA of proprietary signals. 
In 2003, developed the first Wi-Fi-based location for tags (TDOA and RSSI). Location of non- associated tags became an industry standard adopted by many companies. In 2008, developed the first Wi-Fi/UWB location system with Time Domain. In 2014-2015 managed 
the development of a similar system using the DecaWave DW1000 chip. In 2011, developed with QualComm the first Wi-Fi RTT-based (Round Trip Time) location system. 
Daniel holds more than 20 granted and filed patents. Has an extensive experience in all aspects of Intellectual Property management. Member of IPIN steering committee. Deep understanding of location technologies including Wi-Fi RSSI, RTT and TDOA, UWB, Ultrasound, LF, Bluetooth, BLE, GPS and proprietary technologies. Experience in the specification and development of active RFID and RTLS systems: WiFi/UWB tags, very low power devices, asset and people tracking, indoors/outdoors systems, integration with other vendors (e.g. Cisco, Aruba, Time Domain, etc.), accurate time synchronization.

Dani holds an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Technion- Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva

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