Mobility is not a trend, but rather a new platform for innovation upon which old and new services can be reshaped and reinvented. When mobility is added to an existing business process, or a given task is enabled with Mobility technologies, the end result tends to amplify the benefits for all stakeholders. Like the early days of the Internet, mobility is pervasively making its appearance everywhere because it allows us to achieve better experiences and optimize results in every scenario in which it is put at task.

But to fully understand the impact Mobility will have in our everyday lives we must broaden our scope. Mobility is as much about untethered connections as it is about bringing together many other technologies and disciplines such as IoT, Big Data and Business Process Engineering, and others.  These emerging technologies are enabling the connected world for consumers, enterprises, and public sector globally.


The future of Mobility Solutions is being built around fully integrated platforms that leverage smart IoT sensors and flexible, secure, and seamless connectivity across any kind of network.  This will enable our ability to extract new meaning and value out of everyday interactions, and a myriad of applications will optimize mission critical business processes to achieve greater efficiency and improve the quality of business and life outcomes.

Smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other mobile connected devices have quickly become part of the corporate and home ecosystems.  Improvements in wireless and cellular coverage are enabling us to be productive anywhere, anytime. Today's workforce is demanding flexibility to choose to work their own way including choices ranging from which devices they carry to the platform they want to use on their desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other device.

Although the cost and flexibility benefits of this vast expansion of mobile devices are large, the challenges of this increase in mobility can also be extensive.  Security of the data stored on these devices and data transmitted by these devices must be properly configured and managed in order to obtain the promised benefits, without suffering the results of increasingly common public data breaches.  In addition,  device theft and the myriad of personal applications on many of these corporate/personal devices  also present very real security threats that must be anticipated, managed, and mitigate


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