Internet of Things

Our world is currently witnessing a new industrial revolution that will lead to a virtual connected world, involving humans, organizations, and machines. Like in the early days of the Internet, there is a global conscience being created about the limitless possibilities that achieving this integration of people, data, machines, and processes can bring to the advancement of our societies. Technology will be a cornerstone of this transformation as well as the new skills that will be required in global organizations to implement IoT platforms seamlessly integrated with our daily lives and these organizations.

Digital Health

The rapid growth of digital health has been catalyzed by increased high performance computing (HPC), networking, imaging, mobile connectivity, wireless sensors, genomics, health information systems, social networking, microprocessors and nanotechnologies. This has pushed medicine from being on their heels in treating disease to forward leaning with disease prevention and prediction. On this journey, it is also working to connect and empower patients, reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, improve access, reduce costs, increase quality, and make medicine more personalized and precise.

Digital Enterprise

Although software has been an increasing component of most businesses and business models over the last several years, new advances in networking, processing, and storage costs have accelerated the changes and disruptions that software and networking are bringing to business. This new Digital Enterprise presents enormous opportunities for disrupting and improving existing business and business models—as well as developing entirely new markets and new customers.


To say that we live in a world power by mobility may seem to underscore the obvious; we all depend on our connected devices to go through our busy days. We get upset when we don’t have appropriate coverage to power our hyperconnected lifestyles and we don’t even think about time and space barriers when we collaborate with colleagues or chat with friends across the world. But despite all the good things mobility has brought, we are just starting to get a glimpse of the true potential it will bring to all of us.

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