Innovation by Design




Innovation by Design is an approach for tailoring a strategy after a careful assessment of your organization's current state. Our approach leverages 25+ years of experience within manufacturing and enterprise scale software and business process solutions. We believe in empowering an organization with the understanding, skills, tools and our methodology to develop their own manufacturing innovation plans and roadmap.


Challenge Assessment.

We help companies assess where their return/value on investment may be with each challenge and help to prioritize and customize their innovation strategy to best fit their goals.


Designing Innovation for Manufacturing

Today’s inexpensive network connectivity and computational capability, coupled with vast data feeds for logistics, condition, suppliers, provides an unparalleled promise for manufacturing excellence in today’s digital transformation in manufacturing. Key to harnessing this promise is a mastery of a number of key attributes which include:

  • Smarter Automation and Converged Networks
  • Tighter/Smarter Supply Chains
  • Data Security
  • Analytics/Big Data
  • Mobility/Location/Video Information/Collaboration
  • XaaS for the supply chain enterprise software requirements

Many of these areas above include recent advances in the Internet of Things, and also provide significant opportunities for innovative manufacturers.  By effectively harnessing NBV’s Innovation Kaleidoscope™ methodology to define an appropriate strategy and appropriate technologies to innovate, each of the companies we work with accelerates their transformation in their ecosystem.



Innovation Kaleidoscope™ for Manufacturing

NBV’s  Innovation Kaleidoscope™ methodology looks at:

  • Defining the top priorities and challenges in the organization.
  • Assessing innovation opportunities, which includes measurement of the critical forces driving this innovation need
  • Provide recommendations and operational plans to empower organizations to execute the innovative changes and achieve their business goals.

NBV understands that innovation inside of a manufacturing environment is not always easy--as there are many complex organizational issues, and multiple different priorities at any given time.  However, NBV’s team members have extensive experience working inside manufacturing environments, innovating in these environments, and showing significant bottom-line ROI as a result.



Natural Bridges Ventures (NBV)

NBV is a venture strategy firm that invests in innovative companies adding our senior team’s operational skills and industry experience, and working closely with entrepreneurs and lead innovators to improve their feasibility, viability, and accelerate growth in their target markets.  We ultimately connect global innovation hubs with their target ecosystems throughout the world, and leverage our Innovation Kaleidoscope™ methodology to define an ecosystem-driven strategy to deliver innovation to the market.


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