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NBV partners with corporations and their Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) groups to implement practical strategies to innovate inside and out of the corporate boundaries. We connect global innovation hubs with corporate ecosystems, and through our Innovation Kaleidoscope™ framework help define an ecosystem-centric strategy that leverages external sources of innovation in a symbiotic orchestration with internal R&D initiatives with the ultimate effect of aligning and balancing strategic with financial objectives.

In addition, NBV’s experienced team of senior domain practitioners enhances intrapreneurs initiatives with a formalized innovation structure, as well as bridge them with external disruptive ideas, and technologies. In the end, this close partnership and approach also mitigates some real-world challenges facing these corporations and CVC’s in the process of nurturing innovation and discovering disruptors within their ecosystems, global and more complex every day.

NBV’s corporate innovation strategy covers the following areas:

  • Corporate Development and M&A Strategy.
  • Business Model Innovation.
  • Leadership and Talent Integration.
  • Portfolio Innovation.
  • New Venture Strategy and Portfolio Management.
  • Go-To-Market Strategy for Innovation Portfolio.
  • Venture & Executive Advisory for Innovation Portfolio
  • Innovation R&D Integration Process.



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