We are driven by innovation that creates persistent value

What We Do

Natural Bridges Ventures partners with innovators around the world connecting and accelerating their market transforming technologies with evolving global ecosystems.

The NBV Value

Growth Strategy

Disciplined process-oriented approach to quick market entry, deployment, and expansion of leapfrogging innovative companies and their solutions.

Innovation by Design

Deliberate approach to untapped potential to empower smart corporations that are audacious in their path to new disruptive solutions and iterations.

Corporate Development

Practical strategies to leverage external sources of innovation in symbiosis with internal R&D and corporate portfolio initiatives, aligning strategic with financial return objectives.

Global Impact

Direct access to a global network of innovator hubs and methodical execution of strategic alignment with corporate ecosystems searching for disruptive innovation.

A Wider Vision


Simplification of organizational and venture development processes to nurture and integrate innovation into complex business ecosystems through the implementation of design-centric principles.


Cross-functional team of seasoned entrepreneurs and F500 executives bringing flexibility and proven leadership to complement and enhance internal business execution targets.


Leverage wide-ranging operational management expertise in core functions across the enterprise towards business model transformation and technology innovation in several global ecosystems.


Access and development of investment sources across geographies to fund innovative companies and their market expansion together with the acceleration of their strategic goals.

Global Reach

Our Ethos / Quotes